TenThings: Using Facebook Groups for your Non-Profit Community

Facebook groups are a great way to create a community, whether public or private. Groups can be thought of as an online special interest group where folks come together for a common cause or interest. You can find a group on nearly every topic imagined. Within the group you can share not only discussions, but photos and documents. When appropriate, you can even have a moderator for the group that controls the content as it is posted.

TTTTK103 Facebook GroupsThe ten things you need to know about Facebook Groups:

  1. When creating a group, you will need to decide if the group is public, private or secret. A private group can be found through the Facebook search and the user must request to join. A secret group is by  invitation only.
  2. As the Admin you can allow for members to add other members or restrict this to only admins
  3. It is highly recommended to create a “Pinned Post” to explain the rules of the group
  4. Even un-moderated groups need to be moderated
  5. Customize the notifications so that you can monitor activity
  6. Customize the address so that you have an easy to find & share URL
  7. Create a file cabinet for documents that can be downloaded and shared
  8. Remind your Admins & Members that no one should be automatically added to the group without prior permission
  9. Create engaging group cover photos
  10. Use polls to engage group members

Facebook groups are a powerful way to create a community around an area of interest. Whether for personal interests or professional, they serve as a tool for increased learning, collaboration and fun!