TenThings – Getting the most from LinkedIn Groups

For many non-profit associations there is a desire to create an online community. There are many options to accomplish this goal, one of which is the use of a LinkedIn Group. This feature is a great opportunity to bring together individuals with a common cause or interest with a platform they are currently using. Listed below are #TenThings you need to know to successfully setup and administer a LinkedIn Group:


  1. Linkedin groups provide your members with the opportunity to come together to discuss a common topic.
  2. Groups allow you to create communities that may not have been able to come together by other means.
  3. Groups give you the opportunity to build your own network to benefit your association.
  4. Use the messaging capability to send regular messages members
  5. By using the automated email templates, you have the ability to communicate your association’s message and purpose when someone joins the group.
  6. Setup up pre-approved members to save you time in the approval process.
  7. Allow your members to invite others to grow your group quickly.
  8. Make sure to include your website information in order to drive traffic to your website.
  9. Groups can be either public or closed.
  10. Post job opportunities to add value to the members.

LinkedIn Groups can be a powerful tool and valuable asset for your association membership. It’s a great way to connect your community in an easy to use platform.