TenThings – To Tweet or Not to Tweet

TenThings – To Tweet or Not to Tweet

In today’s social environment it is very hard to avoid Twitter. When I was first introduced to the platform I used it primarily to share resources, reminders or quick updates to those who followed. What I have more recently come to appreciate is the value of Twitter as a customer service tool. For many organizations customers can get a quicker response via Twitter than by email or the dreaded trouble ticket system.

The question then remains – what if you are you not listening? Every organization needs to have a presence even if just as a listening post.

Ten things to know about Twitter

      1. The platform can be used as a listening post for customer service issues
      2. Twitter provides a quick way to follow to get current news or events
      3. Connect with people you might not otherwise be able to reach
      4. Fantastic resource to support events! Before, during and after
      5. Twitter can be used as a tool for self-promotion
      6. Spy on your competition. What are they tweeting? What are others tweeting about them?
      7. Create brand loyalty
      8. It will make you a better writer as you need to learn to be concise as you must convey your message in under 140 characters.
      9. Another outlet to share you blog posts, Facebook updates or LinkedIn content
      10. Everyone else is doing it

Twitter is a valuable tool for quickly sharing resources and information – but it can also be used as your customer service arm listening for membership issues as they arise.

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