TenThings: Building your Facebook Audience

The biggest marketing myth online is “build it and they will come.” What this really needs to say is built it, share it and then they will come. Listed below are several tips to help build your Facebook Audience.

Building your Facebook Audience

TTTTK Growing an Audience

  1. Share with your current Facebook friends
  2. Ask your friends to share on your behalf.
  3. Add a “Like Us on Facebook” button to your website. This allows visits to like you page without even finding it on Facebook.
  4. Have your Board Members, Staff, Committee members link to their personal profile under the “About” page. By adding as a Company or Position, this will show up for anyone viewing their profile and creates a link to your page.
  5. Add your Facebook page URL to your email signature file. A really cool app that will help you to automate this process is Wisestamp.com. You can set up an individual account or a team account.
  6. Participate in online groups and encourage them to like your page. Make sure that you are not “selling” your page otherwise the requests will be ignored and may even backfire in a negative way.
  7. Post content that is worth sharing. By doing so, others will share on your behalf; thus exposing you to a wider audience.
  8. Remind your membership that the Facebook page is a great place to get current information about your organization. This may be done in an email update to your membership, through your association newsletter or even announcements during events.
  9. Share your request on other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
  10. Engage on the page as you personally instead of as the page owner. When you do so, the activity will appear in your personal news feed allowing it to be seen by your friends.

BONUS! Whenever you share your page remind your fans to update their notification settings so that they can get the most recent content when posted. Alternatively, they can list your page as a “see first” for their news feed.
Growing your audience can be a lot of fun! What creative ways have you used to accomplish this task? Tell us!



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