TenThings: Designing your Non-Profit Association’s Website

The Ten Things to Know about designing your non-profit association’s website:

  1. Mission statement –  Why do you exist?  Tell me through your mission statement, vision and values.
  2. Benefits of Membership – Be sure to clearly indicate why I should be involved with your organization.  View this listing as your “Call to action”
  3. Bylaws – The association bylaws provide the groundwork for who you are and how you operate as an organization.  As either a member of the board or the association make it easy for me to find.
  4. Board Listing – Not only would I suggest having a current listing of your Board members, but I would also include your committee chairs.  As a prospective member, I am looking at your website to determine if your association is a right fit.  Therefore by knowing who the leaders are in the organization I will be able to make that determination.  As a current member I will want to know how to contact the current leadership to make my ideas or concerns known.
  5. Donation Page – Make it easy for me to support your cause.  Be sure to include information on how my donation will make a difference!  Don’t overlook the content on your “Thank you” page as well as this will encourage me to donate again in the future.
  6. Membership Renewal instructions – As the lifeblood of your organization, you need to recruit and retain members.  Make sure you website allows for a me to easily join, but also to quickly and easily renew. Give me clear instructions on how the renewal cycle runs, what my payment methods are and what I can expect to happen next.
  7. Member testimonials – Testimonials are a great way to encourage me to support your cause or join your association. Whether a quick text blog or a short video clip, first hand recommendations are extremely valuable.
  8. Event calendar – One way to encourage interaction with your members is through events.  Let them know how they can participate and when they are happening.  By making it easy for me to know what is happening and when, there is a much higher likelihood that I will actually participate.  Reminders are greatly appreciated.
  9. How to get support – Not being able to find a way to contact you for support may be the number one complaint from members other than not being able to log into their account.  Don’t bury this information within your site.  List contact information multiple times in a varied of ways.
  10. Mobile Friendly Experience –  In today’s mobile environment, more an more people are visiting your website through their smart phone or tablet.  If they cannot successfully access the information they need – they will stop coming.