TenThings: Facebook Pages – Why you want one

TTTTK: Facebook Fan PagesSo often I hear board members scoff at the idea of having a Facebook Page for a non-profit association. They continue to say that Facebook is for the sharing of kitten photos, favorite recipes or details from your last vacation. What they are missing is that 1.6 billion individuals are currently using Facebook and many as their main source to gather news. The most recent election cycle in the United States only goes to prove this point.

The Ten Things to Know about Facebook Pages

  1. According to recent research by the Pew Institute, 62% of Americans now rely on Social Media as their source for news. 66% of Facebook users rely on the platform as their new source. This represents a nearly 30% increase since 2013.
  2. It’s Free! Given tight budgets and even tighter marketing budgets, free is always attractive.
  3. As the Admin of the Page, you can control the content shared. If you feel that information is not appropriate, it need not be shared.
  4. If desired, ads can be purchased and targeted to very specific audiences. This channel will allow you to reach potential audiences that may not have been previously available.
  5. Facebook Insights provide you with a ton of information regarding page interactions. Stats include profile information of those who like your page, share your posts or interact with you by other means.
  6. A Facebook Page can have multiple administrators with different levels of authority. This allows you to provide trusted members the ability to maintain the page, but not alter the page.
  7. The messaging app allows your members one more way to conveniently reach out to you for support.
  8. Facebook pages can drive members to your website, event registration page or even help to increase direct links to your donation page.
  9. Through a Facebook page you can quickly and easily poll members about new ideas, products or services.
  10. Associations can use Facebook pages to celebrate members! This platform is a great way to recognize accomplishments that can then be shared with family and friends.

In the past Facebook was a platform to share personal information, now that 1.2 Billion individuals are using Facebook, many on a daily basis, it has now become a new way to communicate the happenings of the world around us.
News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016