TenThings: Getting Started with LinkedIn

Getting Started with LinkedIn

At some point as an Association Executive you will want to create your own personal LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a fast-growing professional networking platform that will allow you to connect with others in a similar position, your association members and other professional colleagues. This platform is a wonderful way to expand your network and stay current on recent trends within the nonprofit world. To help get you started list below are the things you need to know.

TTTTK Getting Started with LinkedInTen things to help get you started with LinkedIn:

  1. You will need a profile head shot of yourself for your profile. The use of an image to represent you is highly frowned upon within this platform. People want to see who they are connecting with.
  2. Spend some time writing up your profile. Consider this to be your online resume. Include your work history and educational experiences especially as they relate to the position you now have.
  3. Remove the dates from your educational experience if you feel this will be to your disadvantage.
  4. When entering your work or educational experience, make sure to link to the company or institutional pages on LinkedIn. This will allow for greater exposure and connections.
  5. Create a strong headline that will appear at the beginning of your profile. This is your statement to the world about who you are and what you do.
  6. Once your profile is complete, search for individuals you know and ask for a connection.
  7. Ask for recommendations from colleagues and clients.
  8. Keep in mind that on LinkedIn the focus on the quality of your connections, not the quantity.
  9. Search and join discussion groups that will enhance your experience and allow you to connect with a greater number of individuals.
  10. Follow companies that are of interest to you. Their updates will then appear in your news feed.

As a social network, LinkedIn provides you a powerful tool to connect with others in your profession. Use it!
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